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Conventionally companies would acquire the talent they wanted by recruiting the person, usually offering a better salary or compensation, with the help of a head hunter. While this approach is often effective when companies are interested in poaching an employee from another company, it may not be very effective for small business owners or professionals who do not want to work for large companies which have rigid structures and limited flexibility, freedom and job satisfaction.

Since companies will have to give a better package if they approach a particular person for a job, in the indian tech sector, large companies in the indian IT sector have perfected the art of destroying the finances of small business owners so that they are forced to take up a job. These large companies in the IT sector are helped by extremely powerful indian intelligence and security agency officials on the payroll of these companies who shamelessly abuse their great powers, waste indian tax payer money to destroy the reputation and finances of harmless indian citizens.

The security and intelligence agency officials on the payroll of large corporates are extremely vicious in making up completely fake malicious stories defaming the harmless technology innovator and repeating their lies for more than 5 years, like parrots, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money in the process. These security and intelligence, especially CBI officials defaming the harmless technology innovator cannot be easily indentified in India, so that their victim can confront them and force them to end the slander. It becomes extremely difficult for the slander victim to get any leads or orders, making losses and forcing him or her to apply for a job, helping the companies that have destroyed his or her life.

In particular some of the top officials who specialize in slander of technology innovators are the goan gsb fraud mafia of nayak, mandrekar, caro, shivalli brahmin mafia of kodancha, hathwar and others, goan obc bhandari fraud pritesh, ntro officials j srinivasan, puneet , vijay, goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, goan obc bhandari fraud sunaina chodnekar and others. These are extremely charming sweet tongued men and women who most people blindly believe in, and the harmless victim of their slander has to waste a lot of time and resources countering the slander.

The security and intelligence agency officials who freelance as recruiters for large corporates are extremely vicious in destroying the finances of their victim, putting their victim under surveillance for more than 6 years. These officials falsely claim that they are worried about national security to put their victim under surveillance when actually their main motivation is to steal leads, orders which they can resell for a profit, and maximize the losses caused to their harmless victim as required by the large corporates. Google, tata are compensating these officials making fake allegations with lucrative raw/cbi/indian intelligence jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives with fake resumes, fake investment of the technology innovator .

NTRO officials allegedly FREELANCING FOR GOOGLE, TATA are helping these companies destroy competition, acquire talent and technology using microwave weapons, memory reading, voice to skull technology,stealing correspondence costing $18000 monthly in tax payer money, and then ridicule their torture victim

The engineer is confident that less than 100 harmless indian citizens are tortured wasting so much indian tax payer money for more than 6 years and openly challenges the ntro officials, especially in goa , to defend their microwave radiation torture of a harmless indian citizen for corporate goals, in an open debate

For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to info@textads.in
. Though extremely powerful google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi officials are making fake claims, kindly note that no indian intelligence employee is associated with the website in any, as they are least interested in investing any money online or doing any work. Due to the complete lack of corporate ethics of google, officials continue with their online fraud of making fake claims about website ownership, as google allegedly bribes these officials directly or indirectly

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