Domain investors internet connection being blocked repeatedly after government SLAVERY of single woman domain investor exposed worldwide

Allegedly BRIBED by google, tata, ntro, raw,cbi are openly involved in the biggest government SLAVERY rackets on a single woman domain investor worldwide since 2010, with the well paid GREEDY SHAMELESS LIAR ntro/raw/cbi employees refusing to pay the market price of the domain names, to get them legally transferred in their name, yet falsely claiming to own the domains of a private citizen who is paying Rs 4-5 lakh annually for the domain renewals.
Initially the real domain investor believed the LIAR ntro/raw/cbi employees led by mhow monster puneet who falsely claimed that he and equally fraud girlfriends would purchase the domains.
After 6-7 years it is clear that the google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees are least interested in paying the market price of the domains, yet falsely claim to own them, get government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor who is criminally defamed in the worst manner, forcing her to protest and expose the government SLAVERY in india
Slowly countries worldwide are realizing that the indian government is making FAKE CLAIMS about domain ownership, and a buyer outside india purchased one domain name after verifying all the details. Furious that the government slavery of domain investor was legally proved worldwide, a top indian government official has ordered the blocking of the internet connection, using the best hackers available.
So since 9 July 2021, the internet connection is extremely unreliable ntro, raw, cbi are deploying the best hackers available to modify the internet connection settings, and the domain investor is wasting a lot of time to fix the problem.