Hotels will pay dishwashers for the time they spend washing dishes, indian internet sector will never acknowledge the time and money spent by single women domain investors

One of the best indications of the rampant cheating, exploitation of single women domain investors in india, is the refusal of the indian tech and internet sector to acknowledge the time and money they are investing in domains, allowing top well paid ntro, raw, cbi employees to make fake claims about domain ownership, computer work since 2010.
with hotels slowly reopening, they are recruiting staff again, and they are advertising in newspapers for dishwashers since the hotel owner is aware that he will have to pay the dishwater for the time which is spent doing the work, though it is simple work.
yet indicating the extreme greed, dishonesty of indian tech and internet companies, led by google, tata, they are involved in a racket of making fake security threat, cheating allegations to deny the person who is actually spending time doing computer work, payment, while falsely giving high status frauds, credit, monthly salaries.