Criminal defamation to acquire technology cheaply

Usually the financial losses due to state funded slander, exploitation, torture of the technology innovator in India are so high, that the person is forced to usually sell the technology to these companies at a very low price, often far lower than market price. The person may have spent several years of his or her life in developing the new technology, invested a huge amount of money, yet the ruthless officials working for the largest tech companies usually succeed in their impersonation fraud, identity theft, especially if the person has only worked in the tech/it sector. Most it companies are extremely confident that their impersonation fraud will succeed

In other cases, where these companies are not able to steal the identity, resume, google, tata are allegedly using memory reading to ensure that the technology innovator does not have any business secret at all. Government/ntro officials on the payroll of these companies are abusing their powers to use wireless technologies to steal the memory of technology innovator, falsely claiming national security, making it extremely difficult to earn a fair living. After 6 years of surveillance these incompetent shameless corrupt ntro officials have not found any proof against the technology innovator who they labelled a security threat, yet they continue to read the memory. Making fake allegations against an innocent harmless person is very lucrative for these large companies like google, tata as they are getting access to the best business ideas, best brains using memory reading without compensating the person in any way, a form of modern day slavery in India