Acquiring technology

While in manufacturing it is the standard practice to license technology from the company which has spent time, money and resources to develop the technology, paying them a royalty, in the indian internet and tech sector, top companies are unethical and resort to identity theft, impersonation frauds.This has been in practice for at least a decade according to sources, so many in the IT sector advise others never to leave their job because small business owners, professionals are most vulnerable to identity theft.

Most of these companies in the indian internet and tech sector like to hire smart looking employees who are not likely to be very passionate about their work, or develop any kind of technology inhouse which will be commercially profitable. Since an employee is getting a salary, there is little motivation to take the risk of developing a new technology which will make the company a lot of profit. Hence to acquire technology cheaply the indian tech and internet sector companies have perfected the art of identity theft, impersonation frauds on technology innovators, ensuring that the top intelligence and security agency officials are either on their payroll or their nominees